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the 6q animal zoo xDD

haha 6q rocks. (x
a group of us apparently have nothing better to do and we decided to make a class zoo.
it is currently incomplete because we can't think of suitable animals. Dx
do give your suggestions and opinions if you have any.

contributed by yuli, shion yee, vera, jialin, yen ngee, kaixin and me
yuli - fish
jialin - pink dolphin
choon chuan - giraffe
yng tyng - bear bear
shi jun - raccoon
li chan - kangaroo
zhong han - black panther
jinyu - polar bear
gu zheng - koala
bena - penguin
hui xian - eagle
wilson - woodstock
adriel - cow
ji hao - dinosaur
vera - dog
zhuo yan - panda
yi lin - flammingo
chun yun - sloth
peirong - hamster
kaixin - rabbit

shion yee -
yen ngee -
naisheng -
kevin -
kai tai -
zihao -

so please provide your valuable opinions. rawr
- lichan

ps. fac dance comp is on the 25Feb Monday. The last fac dance session will be on 21Feb Thursday. Everyone please try to make it for that session. Do practise the dance and the steps in school or at home. If you need help, you can ask some of the class people to teach you. Kkay must be enthu.

ahh i want a class fac dance session where the whole class is present and we can help one another out with steps and details. if possible people should stay back on days that they are free to practise. 6q jiayou (x
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