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happy cny xDD part two

and this shall be the second post

haha yu sheng all over random hands

the mess continues

ohhno the monster shaw foundation is coming to eat all your hands

people are caught for trying to eat the yu sheng

more and more people are caught xDD

ohkay eat eat eat the yu sheng

vera shaw

jialin, zihao and vera

shi jun trying to throw and catch a m&m with his mouth while jialin is trying to put some yu sheng into his mouth

more attempts

m&ms are wasted Dx

zihao trying to do what shi jun was trying to do haha

some seniors and random people

our nice class cny banner x)

clearing up yay

a not full class photo with the emo tree

-points faraway- haha retarded photo xDD

some people around the emo tree

our nice nice class bench

and a few of us at island creamery

the end
photos by lichan
and you can ask for full size photos from lichan

- lichan
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