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Hum de dum.

After joining the community you'll be able to see a post that (I will post that next) contains the password/username for the class email (made to sign up for this LJ com, but I suppose you could send notes etc. there) and the LJ community (if you want to help tag/make another layout etc.) Members are free to post! :D

6Q people who are interested in the facdance! (most ?!) You might want to look here
It seems like they'll be posting slow demos of the fac dance too. 8D

Remember to bring materials for our classbench:
  • Rags/Towels/any fabric you like
  • Bubblewrap
  • Cotton wool
  • Red packets
Our progress seems to be (or more like, is) very slow xD People who can stay back on friday and monday to help decorate prz do.

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