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happy valentine's day


heyy people. xDD
i seriously wonder if anyone actually visits this livejournal regularly.
haha damn sad. Dx

there is fac dance tomorrow at 4pm in the hall.
everyone please try your best to make it for this session.
those who do not know the whole dance should still come.
the dance ics will be doing some formation thing.
during the fac dance comp, 6q is right behind the dance ics right in the middle.
that's because it was randomly assigned our class is the most enthu YAY!

with regards to econs ilp stuff, (i don't know if the class is informed)
but we are supposed to pass her our presentation slides and stuff on 25FEB MONDAY.
we can either give her in a thumbdrive or cdrom
and i think she will transfer to her com or something like that

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