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happy cny xDD

heyy awesome people
mwahaha ahh sorry -uploads photos-
i shall spilt this into two posts
because they are quite big

random cny celebration photo number one

the nice cny decor thing up in the sky

random cny celebration photo number two - lion dance

random cny celebrtion photo number three - co

random cny celebration photo number four - co again x)

random cny celebration photo number five - co and choir

shi jun and zihao looking cool and blahblahh in pyjamas.

peirong, gu zheng, nai sheng, chun yun, jialin and zihao's back in a random photo.

another random photo during the stall market thing

if i remember correctly, that is andrew's hand yay! cover her face cover her face xDD

peirong, vera, zihao and gu zheng

another random photo haha

ohh no vera senses the camera...

and she goes into a posed position Dx

haha gu zheng eating his cup noodles

shi jun and yuli

wilson is making waffles ;o

apparently the girls from my class are trying to poison andrew xDD

vera with that plate of poisonous stuff

and now it's shion yee with the plate of poisonous stuff

shi jun's hair wants to eat the rainbow rice too

and to be continued..
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